This is our About page of the blog.

I started this blog in February of 2018 with an intention to write about personal finance based on my own experiences. Earlier it was just about writing about personal finance. A blog was not in picture. But, somehow this idea popped up in my head.

And with this idea in my mind, I planned to start a blog. And then got stuck with the blog name. What should be the blog name. Probably something stylish or something having an appeal.

I tried several names and many combinations, but all of them were taken or I ended up not taking. Then I tried more and the same result followed. However, I after some introspection, I thought I would try something new. Then somehow I came across a word “Mysticism”. Meaning “to conceal” or ” secretive”. It was good. I somehow liked it. I don’t know why I liked it. May be there is something attractive in being secretive. And then I added “rich” into it and my domain name was ready.

So, here is how I was past the blog name.  But, I had thought about personal finance topic to write about. I don’t have any certification in this field. But a small interest about the topic about which I always liked to write about. If you are in a conversation with me, you will mostly get the conversation drifting in favor of personal finance, business or economic situations. This is what I mostly like to talk about. With interest.

My family gets very angry with me. I don’t know why! I am telling the good stuff.But, they want to listen about movies, picnic, shopping and spending. But not about saving and investing. It’s boring for them.Shopping is fun. Saving is not.

So, I thought about writing and talking and discussing with the world about it(no escape here!). With the world. With you my friend. So far, it has been good. As of writing , I have done very little marketing. Mostly quora answers.

I plan on writing better and more informative in depth articles. And as I have already written, I will write about the experiences.I hope you keep reading the blog and find it of some value. I hope that our journey may be blissful and may you have a rich life ahead.