Is Getting Rich Worth It?

Is Getting Rich Worth It?

I read it somewhere that if you want to get rich, you have a few choices. Marry a very rich person, born into a rich family or work very very hard. Since you are not rich yet (and have asked “Is Getting Rich Worth It?”) , you don’t have the above first choices. So, you have to work very very hard for it. Now that you are neither born with the silver spoon (if you don’t want to marry into riches, your path is full of hits and trials. Read More

How To Start Investing In The Stock Market. A Guide To Go From Novice To A Pro

How To Start Investing In The Stock Market. A Guide To Go From Novice To A Pro

I am here to transform you from a complete novice to a super star trader and investor.I have written this article ” How To Start Investing In The Stock Market “, in order to start your investing career. I am not joking here (Ha!). In less than a hour, you are going to learn all the chops available to survive in this world of investing. What! you don’t believe it too? Read More

mohnish pabrai

The only books you need to read

The only books you need to read. Recommended by Mohnish Pabrai.

Mohnish Pabrai is one of the greatest contemporary investors. He has had a CAGR of 25% which is very very hard to achieve. He is an Indian American, residing in Irvine, California.He is an admirer of Warren Buffett’s style of investing and openly follows investing style of Warren Buffett and others.He has a great recommendation of books.He has also authored books like The Dhandho Investor and Mosaic: Perspectives on Investing. I give my commentary of various books recommended by him as well. Read More

Vijay Kedia’s 10 Rules for Investing in Stock Market. Img source:

Vijay Kedia’s 10 Rules for Investing in Stock Market

Born in a marwari family of Stock Brokers, Dr Vijay Kishanlal Kedia is a great investor.Earlier started with not so successful stint in trading, he later started investing in stocks.He shifted from Kolkata to Mumbai in 1989. His earlier notable investments are in Punjab Tractors, Aegis Logistics, Atul Auto and Cera Sanitary ware.All these investments turned out to be multibagger investments. In 2016, Dr Kedia was ranked at #13 in “Business world list of successful investors in India”. Dr Kedia invests strictly on the principle of “SMILE”. Read More



The act of managing the income and it’s expenditure is termed as Budgeting. Suppose that Jack earns a salary of ten thousand rupees a month and he has to spend it on his family accommodation, food, cloths, toys for children etc. This management of the fixed salary and spending on various needs and wants is budgeting. Income is fixed and needs and desires are unlimited. Read More

ten financial mistakes to avoid in your life

Ten Financial Mistakes To Avoid In Your Life

Hi Bob. Here is my non-certified financial mis-advisor. Glad to see you.

Hi Gogi. Thank you for the compliment.While it is true that I don’t have a certificate and it is also true that I don’t advice as of now about financial investments, it is also true that I tell about my observations in the financial lives of people. It is not a crime. But you made me a villain . And this villain has written today about the “Ten Financial Mistakes To Avoid In Your Life”.How about that.  I think he has done a heroic job.(HA HA HA!)

Hey Bob. Don’t make yourself a hero. You keep telling us about savings. How boring! You are a financial warrior,  if anyone. Read More

Eight ways To Invest To Save Taxes

Eight ways To Invest To Save Taxes

The financial year is reaching its end. The season for investments in tax saving instruments has started.The time has come to part your hard earned money to the tax saving investments (Ha Ha Ha).So what are you planning to invest your hard earned money into? We have made ready for your reference an article titled “Eight ways To Invest To Save Taxes”

Many people will rush into the first investment option told to them and will invest their money.Many would have already planned their investments and would be in the state of calmness. Read More

seven ways to secure your financial future

Seven Ways To Secure Your Financial Future

A few years ago I never thought I would be discussing anything about future and more precisely seven ways to secure your  financial future with you all.Savings and financial planning were alien topics to me. If someone asked me what I thought about my financial future, I told them that I was set for the future. My future was fully planned. No level of new planning was required. My favorite line was “I don’t know what is going to happen in the future. So chill bro!” Read More

How to be a Secret Millionaire

How to be a secret millionaire.

Being a Secret Millionaire. Just by thinking about it,  I get a chill. A feeling of being excited,  I think you understand. You work as a normal employee in the day and you earn an average middle class salary.You buy simple and average products and drive a scooter to your office. Or you use public transportation.  You can afford to spend more on luxury items and you can take exotic vacations. But you lead a very simple and below average lifestyle. But deep down inside you are more than that. You are a Secret Millionaire . Does that ring a bell in your ears? Read More