How to get rich

How to get rich

In all my life, I have never heard anyone ask ‘how to get poor’. But almost everywhere I read and hear about getting rich. People ask about tips to get rich. They ask how to get rich quickly, how to get rich slowly, but main topic is to get rich. So, “How To Get Rich?” is definitely one of the most important things in human life. Many people’s lives depend on getting rich.  Many hate it, many love it but almost everyone wants to be rich. So, How to get rich?

Well, the answer to this question lies all around us. We just have to look around and observe. It is everywhere. Many a times it is in the family or in our neighborhood. Just take a detailed look. Did you notice something?Let’s see what you need to do to get rich.

You need an idea to get rich:

So what you are going to do to get rich. You need to do something. Right?

Or you are probably thinking of marrying a rich person (Probably one of the best ways to become rich. Ha Ha Ha). Or you want God to give you a million dollars while you are busy watching Television in your living room ( I wish!).

You need a strategy to get rich:

There are patterns and although you might have observed it, it is very clear that you have to work hard and work smart for it. You need goal and you need a plan to achieve that goal. Here, the goal is clear. You want to get rich. But how you are going to be rich. you need to make a clear plan in order to achieve it. The strategy is important. It will help you in following the plan and reach our goal . Although you may start vaguely, you should very quickly clear out your way. Detailed analysis is required. If you leave it for chance, it will delay your prospects.

Take action if you want to get rich:

Almost any idea need to be acted upon to become successful. If left unattended, it is of no use. You may go on finding the next unicorn level idea and you can make a detailed strategy for execution, but unless you act upon it, it remains an idea only . You might have seen or heard from many people that this year they have taken a resolution to be good at this or to learn that skill or to become healthy. But what happens is that more often than not they leave it mid way or even worse don’t even start with it. So, as a result that beneficial activity just remains a thought postponed for the next resolution.

A small story :

A friend of mine wanted to learn the art of making cakes. He liked it but every time he would make some execute as a result he was not able to learn it until one day, when he finally geared up to enroll himself in a bakery class . He took action. It changed several things for him.

Now is a great time to start and get rich:

You know there was a time when you thought of doing something at an appropriate time. Most probably, you are still waiting for the appropriate time. The time has not come yet and will probably not come for a very long time. Today is a great time to start. Don’t wait. Start.

Focus is the key to get rich:

And this point is very important. If you want to excel at anything, you need to focus. Focus on a skill and after some toiling, you are skilled in it. Start Focusing on your etiquettes and after some days or months you are a polite and mannered person. By now you might have understood that Focus is the key.

Leverage The Internet to get rich:

In today’s world of instant connectivity you need to have an online presence. Whatever you do, use Internet to your better use. It will help and make things better . you may use it for business, consulting, social presence, learning a skill etc.

Based on what I have observed over the past few years, I can say that below are the few ways (The Golden Path), walking on which people become rich. You take the path, there are some boulders on it. The you try to overcome them. You trip, you fell some times. Then you understand how to cross them.Then your path becomes easy and you enjoy doing it. Then it gets you there.

The Golden Path:

  1. Start something you can own, like a business: Most of the people I have met (who are rich) have reached there by starting a business. This is the number one actively, as per my understanding and observation to become rich . you start by doing something. May be a website development agency or a marketing company or a retailer and any things that you think appropriate and is useful to the society. You continue doing it for a good amount of time. You gain experience in it and then slowly you start growing the revenue. Then you start collecting the income and before you know it, you are a rich person. Although, most of the businesses fail within a few years of start, those who keep going, are the one mostly harvesting the benefits. And by far, it is the most followed way of becoming a rich person. Also, as you keep growing, your profits keep increasing. Thus making you much richer. If you look around, you will find many such examples of this kind of riches.
  2. Be an award winning salesman : The top salesmen in any organization are highly respected and command a good bonuses in yearly review. They are the once who drive a lot of sales and any for profit organization will do anything to keep them happy. So the more your compensation, the more you will be earning and the richer you are going to be . The star performers are made to be felt special . And it makes sense. If you sell,  only then are you going to make money. And if you contribute to the revenue stream, you are highly important to the company. Company will want to retain you at any cost and thus you can reap the benefit of your hard work. So,  it is one of the prominent ways in which people generally become rich by working in any organization. Most of these top performers go on to head the various departments in organisations.
  3. Be a great employee and a hustler:You are a great employee. You do all the work in your time limit and you are highly desceplined. You work hard and no one has any issues with your work. But in the evenings and mornings you are a hustler. You hustle for your side project. Slowly and steadily you develop a small business out of it. You are a part time businessman. Many people in our lives are this type of earners. They mystically become a rich person. This way there is less risk and still you will become a rich man. Also you can test your entrepreneur  skills for some time, if you want to jump full time in entrepreneurship.
  4. Be a famous celebrity: Have you ever noticed about the networth of Tom Cruise or Shahrukh Khan or Sachin Tendulkar or Michael Jordan. These people are amongst the best in their fields. And they get benefit of it . Many companies hire them to be their brand ambassador or to endorse a product they want to launch. They are paid a huge amount of money for this work. But as you can see, there are very small population of these celebrities that can achieve it. So,  it is more difficult to become a celebrity.
  5. Become a consultant: If you are good at something. If you have a skill that you can sell, you can become a consultant. It is primarily selling your time and skill on contract. Many people are doing that. Plus you don’t have to get stuck with a company you don’t want to work with . It is a great choice.Many people who have worked on something for very long, develop a great understanding of that area of work. After that they launch themselves as a consultant. This way they earn a huge benefit of their hard work.

Now,  as you can see, starting a business is something which will bring most riches. It is hard but pays at the end. But if you are not a business type person, you can always start to contribute to your existing company and work hard and smart for it. Be it as a marketing employee or a technical employee. You keep working hard and smart and get rewarded for your good work. If you are yet to join any company, please look  for your interests. Find a good company and gain experience and think what you want to do. Either way,  there are great ways to get to the riches club. Either as an employee or as an employer. It is your choice.

Please remember that a brilliant idea is great, but action is also important. Act on what you think is right and you will see the miracle sooner or later. If you stumble upon while walking, just review and start walking again.

I am very sure that many of you may be knowing many other ways to become rich. Or you might have observed people becoming rich by numerous ways. But I believe, most become rich by walking on the path similar to the bunch described above . Please let me know the other interesting and great ways to become rich in the comment section. Have a great journey.

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